Ringo arrives in Ramsay Street

With Frazer having thrown in the towel, Paul promises to show Rosie ‘the real Paul’, and on their date takes a phone call from Oscar. As she watches him, Rosie realises she’s seeing a different side to Paul, but comes to the conclusion that she’s not interested in a middle-aged man with baggage and that it’s Frazer she really wants.

Elsewhere, Frazer’s little brother Ringo has turned up on Frazer’s doorstep and wants to stay. Frazer is forced to explain his new identity to Ringo and decides to confess the truth about himself to Rosie, but he’s taken by surprise when she arrives and declares her love for him.

Panicking, Frazer knows he can’t tell Rosie who he really is – or he’ll loose her. Luckily, Ringo helps Frazer out with his ruse by introducing himself as ‘Rick Yeats’. Meanwhile, Rosie’s choice has left the path clear for Pepper to make a play for Paul.

Karl and Susan visit Katya in hospital after hearing she’s been beaten up and are pleased when she tells them she’s now even more determined to bring down the criminals who are destroying her life. Later, Katya is impressed by the new confident Ned when he comes to visit and the pair kiss and make up.

Also, Lou’s daughter Lolly comes to stay and prepares to attend Erinsborough High.