Ringo confesses all to Susan

Although Susan blames herself when she finds the missing exam paper in her bag, Karl is immediately suspicious. He confronts Rachel and she admits everything, accepting the blame, while at the same time covering for Ringo. Zeke is angry with his sister for sacrificing her own academic future for a boy, and angrily tells Ringo what Rachel’s done.

Stunned, Ringo immediately heads to Susan’s to confess.

While Frazer struggles with his conscience over betting on a fixed race, Rosie receives a call from the bank checking that a large withdrawal is legitimate. She worries what Frazer might be up to and when she spots him listening to a race she suspects the worst. However, Frazer admits that he couldn’t go through with it and put the money straight back into their account and tells Rosie he’s considering quitting professional gambling for good.

Adam is distant with Pepper after her apparently unprovoked attack on his partner Sophie. She tries to justify her behaviour but still refuses to tell Adam the whole truth about her school past with Sophie, Adam can’t understand her lack of self confidence and reminds her that she needs to believe in herself before anyone else will.