Ringo considers his future

When Ringo overhears Frazer and Prue arguing, he blames himself for their conflict. Meanwhile, Bridget asks Dan to help with the Ringo situation, but Dan is reluctant, believing it’s a family matter. But he eventually finds Ringo and advises him to think about himself rather than his family.

Dan’s words prompt Ringo to reject both Frazer and Prue as they continue to row. However, he is unsure which direction to turn until Bridget offers him her unconditional support. Finally taking control of his life, Ringo decides he wants to move into the Kennedy house.

With the stress of Paul’s infidelity with Kirsten on her mind, Elle uses Oliver as a way of burying her pain. Thinking Elle has reconsidered their relationship, Oliver is surprised to find she still wants to keep it secret. But after Rebecca walks in on them in a clinch, she learns they both have different attitudes to rekindling their relationship.

Having previously accused Oliver of using Elle, Rebecca realises that Elle might end up breaking Oliver’s heart instead. Unable to keep this knowledge to herself, Rebecca implores Elle to tell Oliver the truth before she does.

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