Ringo crashes Carmella’s ute

Ringo crashes Carmella’s ute into the garage, narrowly missing Susan and Karl in the process. He’s rushed to hospital with severe blood loss from a leg wound, but is saved by Frazer who provides the hospital with the rare B- blood they need. Ringo is mortified, while Carmella blames herself for his rash behaviour.

Frazer gets a wake up call about his own attitude after Ringo’s crash, and realises his brother is acting up because he is unable to handle his own emotions. Frazer resolves to talk with his mum about their dead brother and get the truth from her about what really happened.

Also, Susan praises Karl for easily slipping back into his doctor role for Ringo, but Karl sees it as a one-off occurrence.

Elle and Oliver give into their desires and sleep together. But, with Carmella’s split with Oliver still fresh in their minds, they feel riddled with guilt. But they are unable to deny how happy they are together, and vow to take their new relationship slowly and keep their rendezvous secret.

Paul responds to Gail’s pleas to reconnect with Elle, but he is also keen to get back on track with Gail. Caught up in an emotional moment, Paul and Gail share a kiss.