Ringo dumps Naomi

Ringo discovers his first attempt to dump Naomi didn’t work so he is forced to make it much clearer for her. Shocked by his determination to end their relationship, Naomi goes in search of a reason. She asks Kate for some inside information on Donna and Ringo’s relationship and Kate inadvertently fuels Naomi’s paranoia. Has Donna made a dangerous enemy?

Toadie and Steph ask Summer to keep their engagement a secret until they have had the chance to tell Callum. Summer respects Toadie and Steph’s wishes and they break the idea gently to Callum, who announces he needs time to think the situation over.

Once Lyn finds out, she is mortified. As far as she is concerned, it is taking the lies too far. Unable to tell Lyn the real reason behind their decision, Toadie and Steph are forced to tell more lies. But how long can they keep it up? And once the news is out there, how can they ever take it back?

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