Following the news that Dan’s accident has left him unable to have children, Steph knows she has to tell him she is carrying his child. Toadie and Lyn try to talk her out of it but when they see how determined she is, they don’t stop her.

Donna realises that, for the first time in her life, everything is going well. Later, as Ringo is looking through his mail he stops at one telling him he’s won on the Green Card lottery. Zeke assures him that Donna would move to the USA with him in a flash, but Ringo doesn’t want to tell her.

Donna picks up on the undercurrent and asks Ringo what’s going on. He confesses about the Green Card. Donna is really excited for him, but Ringo says he doesn’t want to stuff things up for them.

Steph is shaken when she receives a text from Dan telling her to stop ringing him. However, she persists until Dan tells Lucas to tell her to stop. Libby wonders why Steph has been calling Dan so much, and Steph is forced to add to her web of lies.

When Donna realises she will only be able to stay in the USA with Ringo for three months, she has a proposal for him which means she can stay out there with him permanently.

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