Declan is over the moon when he finds out that Ringo has come home. Ringo explains that he’s back for good and has already lined up some work experience with Karl at the hospital. Kate drops in to tell Donna that Ringo’s back in town and Donna’s beside herself with nerves and excitement. Kate is certain Ringo’s comeback for Donna and convinces her to go and get him… but is Donna really the reason Ringo’s come home?

Meanwhile, Andrew’s still playing matchmaker with Kyle and Rebecca, certain that Rebecca and Paul’s marriage will be as good as dead after he’s had his way with him. Andrew has convinced Kyle that Rebecca is into him and Kyle goes in for the kill.

Toadie is driven to distraction by the continued spectacle of Lucas and Sonya together. Steph warns him to stay away but he can’t help himself. When he sees that Sonya has been on an all-nighter with Lucas he storms over to confront them, but the answer he gets is not what he expected.

Donna tells Ringo how pleased she is that he has returned to Ramsay Street, and he quickly realises she is still interested in him. How will Donna feel when Ringo reveals the real reason for his return?

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