Ringo is confused

Ringo can’t help stewing over Karl’s advice, but Naomi seems to prove she’s ‘uncomplicated’ and not at all obsessive. Ringo’s reassured, until he finds the paramedics identification card he lost in her bag. He asks Karl for advice on how to tell if she is dependent on him or not?

Karl says when people become attached they look for ways to stay in their life and isolate other people from their life. They can become obsessive by keeping your personal items to keep the fantasy alive. Ringo finally realises he has to call it off with Naomi and Karl tells him to tread carefully, she’s not a stable person.

The financial situation of Paul’s business is looking very bleak as he desperately looks at ways to improve revenue. When Paul and Rebecca find out arch-enemy Michael is looking for a new business to run the canteen at school they decide to put themselves up for the tender.

However, Lyn has decided to put Harold’s up for the tender as well and rubs Rebecca and Paul’s face in it when it’s obvious Michael is not interested in their proposal. Faced with failure, Paul decides to do what he does best and fights dirty to secure the future of his business.

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