Ringo loses his cool with Simon

As Donna warms to the idea of her brother and sister being around, she tries to introduce them to the spirit of Ramsay Street she has grown to love. However, Ringo finds Simon trying to leave town without saying goodbye to Donna and loses his cool. When Donna finds Ringo bailing her brother up, she confronts him, only to find an angry Simon blaming her for the breakup of her family.

Libby and Dan argue over whether Libby should try for a baby or not. Dan doesn’t want to risk losing her again and thinks Libby’s decision is based on a need to compete with Sam. Meanwhile, Susan tries to cover her worsening condition from her family, but Lucas finds her struggling in the street and alerts Dan. When Libby comes home, Susan admits her MS has returned.

Rebecca asks Susan to keep an eye on Paul and to tell her what his plans are in regards to Andrew. Later, Susan finds Paul preparing to write another defamatory article about Andrew and calls Rebecca to warn her. However, when Rebecca confronts Paul she gets more than she bargained for and is forced to break up with Andrew to stop the article being published.

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