Although she is struggling with her guilt over the accident, Donna still refuses to come forward as the hit-and-run driver. After seeing him row with Donna, Carmella gives Ringo some advice and he gives Donna an ultimatum – either she tells her dad the truth or he will. Ringo eventually manages to persuade her to come clean to Matt who is stunned at what she is done, and angry when he hears Lucas helped cover up the car damage. Matt struggles with the choice of being a good cop or a protective parent and decides to cover up Donna’s crime. But will Matt be able to keep Lucas quiet?

Paul and Elle run background checks on Matt and learn he is someone to steer clear of. Paul makes his jealousy over Rebecca’s date with Matt clear, but Rebecca is disappointed when Matt calls things off again.

Ty is impressed after hearing about Rachel giving Sienna singing lessons, as Sienna frets about taking the stage with the band. Rachel reluctantly agrees to be there for Sienna’s performance, but secretly wishes she could have been part of Ty’s band herself.

Also, Elle and Lucas continue to flirt.

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