Ringo’s brush with death from drowning confirms Bridget’s feelings for him as more than friendship. But when she declares her love for him, Ringo rejects her. Meanwhile, Frazer is surprised when Ringo agrees to Prue’s request to return to Muttatang, and devastated Bridget pleads with him to stay. When Frazer questions Prue’s decision, he’s upset to discover that she still blames him for his brother’s death.

Elle and Oliver’s increasing desire for each other continues to be thwarted by Rebecca’s disapproval. Meanwhile, Elle is stunned to learn that Kirsten is staying with Paul in Paris, and warns her to end her affair or else she will let Mickey and Ned know what’s been going on. Devastated by Paul’s deceit, Elle seeks comfort in Oliver’s arms, well aware that she is playing with fire.

Steph is curious when Ty evades questions about his family home. When the alarm is set off at Charlie’s, Steph and Libby are shocked to discover Ty bunking down for the night. He reveals he was kicked out of his mate’s house last week and had nowhere else to go. Compassionate Libby encourages Steph to offer Ty a place to stay at number 32.