Determined to force Donna to abandon her trip, Andrew ups his efforts to sabotage her relationship. When his initial plans fail, a desperate Andrew kisses Donna to convince her that she shouldn’t marry Ringo. Donna can’t understand Andrew’s behaviour until she realises that he’s scared of losing the only person left supporting him. Donna tries to reassure Andrew, but will she convince him?

Despite Donna’s pleas to Ringo to leave Andrew alone, Ringo punches Andrew and warns him to keep away from Donna. Lucas witnesses the fight and tells Andrew he deserved it, pointing out that he treats everyone like dirt and suggests he either needs to sort it out or leave. What will Andrew decide?

Following a conversation with Michael, Kate reluctantly decides to give up teaching and focus on being a dancer. However, she soon changes her mind and when Kate finally plucks up the courage to tell Sophie that while she likes dancing she doesn’t want to make a career out of it, Sophie is upset, believing that, as their mum wanted Kate to dance, that’s what she should do. However, after a conversation with Declan, Sophie understands and supports Kate. But will she be able to get her job back?

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