Rachel keeps Ringo’s anorexia a secret from Frazer, Prue and Bridget, but confides the truth to Susan when she asks if Ringo can move into the Kennedy-Kinski household. Susan confronts him, leaving a betrayed Ringo facing increasing emotional isolation as he becomes convinced that his friends and family are turning their backs on him. Battling his demons, he pushes himself beyond his limits in a swim at the beach – with dangerous consequences…

Overwhelmed by her rekindled feelings for Oliver, Elle tries her best to keep him at arm’s length, unwilling to compromise her friendship with Rebecca. But Oliver is angry when he learns of Elle’s business partnership with Marco, and accuses her of putting her career ahead of their relationship. Elle reveals her real motivation behind the deal was to help Oliver, and the pair make up with a passionate embrace.

Rosie and Samantha get closer when Samantha tells Rosie her doubts about her relationship with Dan after what happened with Libby, and reveals her misgivings about her mental illness.

Also, Zeke and Declan continue to pursue their unlikely rock and roll dream.

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