Ringo rescues Naomi

When Ringo chooses to spend time with Donna rather than Naomi, Naomi comes up with an idea to lure him away. She heads over to her place for a spa and when Ringo arrives he is shocked to find her drowning and saves her. As this is the second accident in which Ringo has been her saviour. Karl becomes suspicious about Naomi’s story and decides to question her about how it happened. However, Naomi is unable to answer him. When he gets Ringo alone, Karl tells him about his suspicions that Naomi is becoming dependent on him, and made up this scenario for attention.

Having ruined Harry’s life, Andrew tries to reset their friendship but seeing Harry’s genuine devastation, Andrew’s guilt is piqued. Hoping to remedy the situation, Andrew confesses to Summer that it wasn’t Harry’s idea, he just went along with it because he likes her so much. Will Summer believe Andrew?

With the new Principal’s open door policy, Callum tries to convince him that wrestling is a good idea as it helps the kids to combat bullying by teaching them to think before acting. Has he managed to convince Michael teaching wrestling at school is a good idea?

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