Donna is lying unconscious at the building site when Ringo, Paul and Declan arrive. Ringo immediately springs into paramedic mode ordering them to clear the debris away from her so he can see to her injuries. He is shocked when he realises that she isn’t breathing.

At the hospital, Ringo tells Karl that he had to move Donna as she wasn’t breathing and fears he may have caused more damage but Karl reassures him he did the right thing and possibly saved Donna’s life. Rebecca is spouting off about what a bad builder Jim Dolan is for leaving his site like that but Ringo sticks up for him and is certain the site was fine. Paul looks uncomfortable when Declan suggests someone sabotaged the site.

When Paul suddenly collapses, Rebecca immediately rushes to his side. Karl checks him out and is pleased to tell him that the CAT scan shows that there is no sign of a tumour. So what did cause Paul to collapse?

When Paul, later, pays Toadie a visit and asks that any investigation into the accident is stopped. Toadie won’t help until Paul tells him why and Paul decides to blame Declan. Toadie strikes a deal with Jim, for Declan’s sake, not for Paul’s, but on the condition that Paul pays Jim what he owes.

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