Ringo struggles under pressure

Having returned from Sydney with newfound confidence, Ringo is excited about his first day in the field as a trainee paramedic. But when the ambulance team are called out to a workplace accident, the pressure gets to Ringo and he freezes.

Outside Harold’s Store a woman has collapsed. Susan stands over her, and Lou calls for an ambulance. However, Ringo leaps into action, telling Susan that the woman should have an epi-pen or something in her bag. Susan hands the pen to Ringo, and he immediately injects the adrenalin into her arm and takes her pulse.

Karl appears, and asks Ringo what exactly made him diagnose anaphylaxis. Ringo explains the symptoms and Karl tells him it was an excellent diagnosis. He probably saved her life.

Ringo asks to see the patient, Naomi, who thanks him for what he did, and pulls him into a hug. Karl comes in and kicks Ringo out explaining that Naomi needs her rest. Alone in her room, Naomi pulls out the paramedic identification tag that she stole from Ringo when she hugged him, smiling to herself.

Still mad at Toadie, Callum decides to hang out with Lucas instead. Lucas finds himself torn: what’s eating Callum, and why should he care?

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