Ringo, feeling inspired by a loved-up Toadie, confronts Donna. He dares her to admit that she still loves him and wants to be with him. When Donna still won’t admit it, Ringo pulls out all the stops, making a grand romantic gesture to force her into action. Donna finally admits that Ringo was right, but she says she doesn’t feel comfortable about being with him without her father’s blessing. Ringo’s certain Nick won’t stand in the way of two people who love each other, but Nick makes Ringo question whether they’ve really resolved their issues from their last break-up. Over dinner with Nick and Donna, Ringo makes another grand gesture that takes Donna completely by surprise.

Libby, appalled at catching Toadie and Sonya kissing, wants to confront Toadie but Doug encourages her to wait until she’s calmed down and isn’t so livid. Libby heeds his advice, but the very next morning, she approaches him and tells him what she saw. Toadie downplays it, assuring her that he and Sonya were just saying goodbye to each other. Libby’s wary but puts her concerns to rest… until Doug accidentally stumbles on a document that proves Sonya has no intention of moving to Perth. Steph and Toadie’s secret is under threat.

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