Ringo uncovers Donna’s dark side

Karl is convinced that Zeke has run away, and starts searching his room. Karl soon discovers there is a lot they don’t know about Zeke when he finds the $1,000 stashed away that he earned doing other kids’ homework. Wounded by Zeke’s betrayal, Susan questions her relationships with her kids. Desperate, Karl wonders, if nobody else knows Zeke’s pin number, who has used his bank account and latches on to the idea that Zeke is still alive even claiming to have seen him in town. Is he losing his mind?

Rachel remembers she has the password to Zeke’s computer and finds his online video diary, which reveals how Zeke really feels about his friends and family. Through Zeke’s video diary, Ringo learns that Donna committed the ultimate betrayal and tried to fall pregnant. Feeling betrayed by her dishonesty, Ringo confronts Donna. Donna is upset when she learns Ringo no longer trusts her. Tegan uses their bust up as an opportunity to get closer to Ringo. Will this be the end for the young lovers?

Rebecca is fed up with Paul’s constant interfering in her life. With Elle’s help, Rebecca decides to teach Paul a lesson and Paul is devastated when he realises he’s lost Rebecca forever.

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