Kate is furious when Elle’s front-page story on Harry’s fight with Declan attracts the attention of the Department of Human Services. When Susan comes over with a basket of her washed clothes, Kate becomes even more upset when she finds well-meaning Susan has washed Jill’s cardigan and it no longer smells of her beloved Mum.

Kate struggles to keep it together when she sees Elle and Lucas loved-up, about to leave on what she believes is a holiday. Could she be the one to set the fire at Elle’s house that threatens Ringo’s life?

Someone has phoned the paper with a tip-off about Paul’s whereabouts. Lucas springs two tickets to Sydney on Elle so they can track him down. However, they don’t find Paul, but they do find someone else, and what they find out makes Elle wonder if Paul has been innocent all along?

Steve busts Rebecca on the phone to Paul, and challenges her to come clean about how much she knows about where he is. Rebecca resists, but finally breaks down, overwhelmed by the fact that she may never see the love of her life again. Steve offers her comfort, but Miranda witnesses their friendly hug and misinterprets it as an intimate moment between her husband and her friend.

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