While everyone is reeling in disbelief at Stingray’s sudden death, Dylan angrily searches for answers, and is determined to make someone pay. But he’s so unimpressed when Paul turns up brandishing a cheque and offering financial assistance, that he tracks him down to the ScarletBar. Needing to take his anger out on someone, he takes Paul hostage, tying him up and gagging him before driving away.

Bree discovers an uplifting video diary Stingray made for baby Kerry and it helps the emotional Timmins family say a final goodbye. Unable to accept that Stingray is gone forever, Janelle becomes convinced a mistake has been made and that her son is very much alive. But after she views his body in the morgue, she begins to face the sorry truth.

Guilty Boyd feels compelled to comfort a distraught Janae in her hour of need, and after talking to her, he begins to reassess his decision to leave her for Glenn.

Distraught Rachel realises she must find a way to say a proper goodbye to her first love Stingray, before she can move on to a relationship with Ringo. But Ringo is unsure about her suggestion to break up.