Rishi has a heart attack!

Rishi’s caught in the crossfire as suspicious Charity tries to hone in on the truth. When Sam quits Home Farm, she wants to know what’s going on. Convinced it’s got something to do with Archie and Jai, she targets Rishi, who has a heart attack as she’s grilling him! With him having mentioned Jai before his collapse, Charity’s now certain she’s on to something, and she seethes as she clocks Jai and Archie’s bond at the hospital.

David reckons Priya has aborted their baby, but when Alicia catches his ex being sick in the Woolie loos she’s not so sure. It all adds to the tension behind the bar, which is getting to Diane. She warns the girls one of them will have to go if they can’t sort it out.

Megan’s impressed when Declan takes being issued divorce papers in his stride. He’s optimistic that thanks to new client Gil, his financial nightmare could soon be over.