So, this whole ‘Rishi-is-the-father-of-Rachel’s-baby’ business is wrecking Rishi’s family life, yet still Jai and Rishi persist with the lie. Well, they’ve told it now, so trying to take it back would probably make things worse… ‘No, Charity, I’m not the baby’s father, Rishi is,’ says Jai one day. Then, the next, it’s: ‘Yes, Charity, I am Archie’s father. I panicked and my dad lied to protect me.’ Actually, telling the truth doesn’t sound that bad – but Rishi and Jai are determined to live with their lie. So, Nikhil isn’t talking to Rishi and Georgia, well, she has mounted her high horse and won’t be getting down off it any time soon.

Paddy never thought he’d go into business with Vanessa any time soon yet here he is, launching their partnership with a party at Home Farm. So where’s Rhona? She’s answered an emergency call-out, but has taken a detour to the chemist so she can have her own private party with painkillers. That’s not good…

Kerry leaving Andy’s kids home alone isn’t good, either and Amy’s told Andy all about it. But he can’t quite believe Kerry would do something like that (why???), so he goes to ask Sarah exactly what happened. And now Debbie wants to know exactly what happened, too.