Charity’s been suspicious ever since she saw Rishi give Rachel a set of cufflinks to give to Archie (a Sharma family tradition, apparently). The big, burning question for Charity is: how does Archie fit into the Sharma family? Well, the obvious answer is that one of the Sharma men took advantage of the hired help, Rachel. Was it Nikhil? Unlikely, as he would have wanted to disinfect Rachel first and she wouldn’t have gone along with that. Was it Rishi? Did the old dog want to prove there’s still life in him? Possibly. And when the truth smacks Charity in the face as she sees Jai with Archie, Rishi steps in and tells her that HE is the daddy. Talk about taking one for the team!

Brenda’s conscious and it looks like she has cheated death. Gennie and Bob are at Brenda’s bedside, so happy to see her awake – and Brenda’s happy. She’s got a daughter she loves and a man she loves and she’s got a future…

Sean might not have much of a future… He kissed Gemma – now he wishes he hadn’t and tells her that. Big mistake.