Rishi urges Jai to calm down (VIDEO)

Wound up like a spring about Archie, Jai takes his anger out on Ali. Having found out he’s not been named as the father on his son’s birth certificate, he could kill Rachel, if only he could find her! Raging, he wants Ali out of the house and off the factory’s payroll. Frustrated by his son, Rishi urges Jai to calm down as he points out he may well need Ali if he’s to have any chance of tracking down the AWOL cleaner. Ali, meanwhile, is having a nightmare. Knowing that Rachel has been framed by Charity and Declan, she can no longer suffer the secret alone and confides in Dan.

Leyla’s thrilled when Alicia and David allow her to babysit Jacob. She’s getting closer and closer to her estranged biological son. But her joy is set to be shortlived as the newlyweds want a word.

Armed with a bottle of vino, Harriet heads round to Dom’s thinking they’ve got a date. But the glammed up vicar is left shamefaced as she’s got it totally wrong…