Audrey and Rita have a drink before the dinner-dance and Rita’s about to confess to booking Lewis. But when Audrey unwittingly pities Rita’s boring life she decides to keep quiet. Later, Audrey’s with Claudia when she spots Lewis, but the smile’s wiped off her face when she realises he’s with Rita. Feeling spiteful and as a fight brews between the pair Lewis guides Rita away. But back on the street Rita’s defiant as she books another date with Lewis. Meanwhile Claudia advises Audrey that she mustn’t make the mistake of falling for Lewis, but it’s clear she already has.

Becky’s tearful when Steve mentions adoption, she’s sure that no one would allow her to adopt with her history. But when Hayley suggests she’s uniquely qualified to understand the needs of a child in care Becky’s starts to have second thoughts.

Tina is still mourning the lost of her Dad and angry with Gail. Graeme begins to worry as she hides away in the flat refusing to answer the door to anyone.

Also, Sophie’s happy to see Sian again and offers to help sort things out with Ryan; Rosie tells Kevin to look out for new man Kyle as he goes to watch County.

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