Staff Nurse Rita is shocked when Gina, a girl she saw being attacked on a night out, is brought to the ED having been in a car accident.

Although Gina is seemingly unhurt, Rita is determined to keep her in the hospital in order to help her open up about what happened to her in the alleyway outside of a local nightclub.

Rita manages to get Gina to confide in her and also tell her husband, Rory, about her ordeal. With Rita’s support, the couple decide to report the assault. But when they come face-to-face with John, Gina’s rapist, in the hospital, Rory almost scuppers their chance of prosecution when he lunges at John. Rita manages to calm him down and they decide to press charges. But the story isn’t over yet!

Elsewhere, Dixie is still suspended from work, which helps her avoid Rita, as she doesn’t want to talk about their kiss at the club last week!

Zoe has an unusual shift, when cheeky, attractive hospital porter Max, persuades her to step into his shoes for the day. But unknown to Zoe, Max has opened a book on how long it will be before she has to change out of her towering high-heels!