Sophie gives Kevin her blessing to go out with Jenny. Having ascertained that Rita is away, Jenny agrees to accompany Kevin to the Rovers. But Rita returns home early and insists Norris, Emily and Mary join her for a birthday drink. As she approaches the bar, she’s stunned to hear Jenny wishing her a happy birthday.

Tony sets off with Tracy to buy a job lot of stolen electrical goods. They meet up with an old mate of Tony’s and Tracy plays hard ball, but they eventually strike a deal. However, as Tony and Tracy prepare to leave with their van load of knock off goods, a police car pulls up beside them.

Still clearly awkward with each other, Lloyd tells Steve he doesn’t want any bad blood between them.

Jason mopes in front of the telly while Eileen fusses round him and Todd’s quietly jealous. When Eileen offers her services behind the bar, admitting she could do with some extra cash, Liz takes her on. Handing Luke the key to her flat, Maria leaves him to crack on with the tiling.