Rita gets a decent proposal

Paula finds out that Eileen and Rita are planning a surprise 70th party for Colin and she is horrified when she hears Pam gossiping about Jason and Julie getting it on the night before. Paula humiliates Julie with a tirade of abuse and a hurt Julie wonders what she has done to deserve such fury. Meanwhile, Colin is delighted by his surprise party and he stuns Rita with a surprise of his own when he proposes!

Steve and Becky are still at odds over Becky telling Amy the truth about her mother’s whereabouts and Steve braces himself to tell Tracy. Steve softens towards Becky when she explains her motives for telling Amy and reveals that her dad was banged up when she was a kid and her childhood was blighted by the constant lies.

Fiz visits John and apologises for the mix up over her last visit. John is delighted to see her and helps her out with Chesney’s Jekyll and Hyde assignment. When the bell rings for the end of visiting time John realises with sadness that he didn’t have a chance to discuss his feelings with Fiz.

Also, Ken checks up on Peter as he prepares to reopen the bookies following the fire.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Rita happily accepts Colin’s proposal. Meanwhile, Julie is annoyed that Jason has been avoiding her all night and she confronts him and ends up getting upset about Paula’s harsh words earlier. Jason comforts Julie and when a drunk Paula turns up and sees them together she furiously confronts them and reveals to the entire party that they can’t be together as they’re related!

Peter arrives at the Peacocks to collect Simon and he and Ashley are amused that Claire is feeding the boys a diet fit for a budding footballer as she’s sure that Joshua is destined for the Premiership. Peter gets back home and contemplates raiding the flat for booze and he’s relieved when Ashley turns up with kebabs and distracts him.

Steve has come to an understanding with Tracy over Becky telling Amy she’s in prison and he apologises to Becky for being so hard on her. Steve realises he was right to give Becky another chance when Amy asks Becky if she will put her to bed.

Also, Ken is feeling smothered by the lack of interests he and Deirdre share and he can’t help comparing her to Martha; Chesney’s impressed by how much effort Fiz is putting into his home schooling.