Since discovering colleague Rita was a grieving widow, the shocked staff at Holby have kept a respectful distance, as Rita made it clear the subject was a no-go area.

But while her friends at the hospital remain in the dark, this week viewers discover Rita’s husband is still alive!

We see Rita make an anxious phone call to a mysterious Mr Napton about the completion of important paperwork, on her way to work. As the shift begins, however, Rita seems overjoyed. She decides to apply for Fletch’s recently vacant position as Senior Staff Nurse and declares she’s got a good feeling about today.

But those happy feelings turn sour when, at the end of her shift, she receives a phone call that leaves her devastated – her husband is denying her a divorce and they’ll have to go through the courts!

Elsewhere, smooth-talking doctor Cal gives Nurse Lofty a lesson on how to calm down a patient this week when hysterical bride-to-be Mia is brought into the ED with a bad facial injury after a carjacking.

Cal promises Bridezilla Mia he will have her picture perfect for her looming wedding. But when he forgets to finish her treatment, and his brother Ethan must step in, there’s hell to pay with clinical lead Connie.

Meanwhile, newly returned Tess alienates her nursing staff when she decides to come down hard on them. Her alliance with new clinical lead Connie also continues to cause problems between her and consultant Zoe.

Zoe and hospital porter Max continue to keep their relationship under wraps – but for how long, now nurse Robyn is determined to find out who her stepbrother’s new girlfriend is?

And when Connie’s former mentor Andrea pays her a visit at the ED she’s openly critical about her recent career choice!