Jenny and Matthew are housemates and discover their other housemate, Adam, dead on the floor. Rob and Jimmi are called out and, when Jenny is questioned, she blames Matthew. However, Jimmi is suspicious and realises that she killed Adam and set up Matthew up. Rob doesn’t buy into Jimmi’s suspicions and he is left frustrated.

Zara belittles Sid when he can’t find a vein in a patient. Ayesha encourages him to stand up for himself so he tells Zara how she makes him feel, it looks as though she is going to accept that she is in the wrong. But then he mentions that he understands the strain she is under and she lets him have it, leaving him crushed.

Daniel talks to Heston obliquely about Michael’s research, naming no names, as he feels that it is flawed. Heston thinks that the data doesn’t add up and that Daniel should call him on it.