Rob and Karen agree to babysit

Karen tells Ruhma that she and Rob need more recent experience with kids, so Ruhma suggests they look after Shak and Alia that night. Later, Rob and Shak play a computer game while Karen helps Alia overcome some teasing on social media. Karen is on a high but Rob worries that being a police officer might be an issue for most foster kids.

Al’s patient Pete is gutted he can’t play for his team in the darts final and asks Al to play in his place. At the pub, Al wonders who the competition is, just as Tracey’s team walk in. Tracey tells Al she’s furious with Pete for forgetting their anniversary and suggests he throw the match, kissing him forcefully and taking a photo, threatening to show Pete if he doesn’t. Just before the decider, Al grabs the phone with the photo on and proceeds to win the game. Al gives the BDO tickets to Pete and suggests he and Tracey make up.

Also, Mrs Tembe agrees to go house-hunting with Zara. She loves the first house she sees and her offer is accepted!