Rob and Karen renew their wedding vows

Rob and Karen prepare to celebrate the renewal of their wedding vows. Waiting outside for their taxi, Rob enjoys a game of catch with his son when Karen opens the front door. Thwack – it hits her in the eye. Karen is shown a mirror to see her eye swelling up – it’s horrific! They arrive at a beautiful country house but Rob screams in agony as his back spasms and seizes up and the doctors rush to his aid. Finally, Karen enters the room looking stunning with her eye patch as Mrs Tembe officiates over the ceremony. Afterwards, Rob pulls out their honeymoon tickets – to Acapulco! Karen squeals in delight and kisses him.

Niamh gets a visit from elderly couple Walter and Nancy Milne who are flying to the Seychelles tomorrow. She finally heads off for the wedding party but checks in on Walter and Nancy en route.

She finds Walter unconscious and then suddenly he starts to fit. She tells Nancy to call an ambulance but then she’s gripped by a panic attack. Nancy rushes to her husband and starts inexpertly performing CPR, calling to Niamh for help but she is still frozen in panic.