May is still being off with Rob after being forced to listen to him with Dawn, and Rob pleads with her to talk about things. May reveals her anguish, but later decides to get her marriage back on track by dressing up in a sexy outfit and planning a romantic night in with her husband. Rob rejects several calls from Dawn on his mobile to focus on May but he’s in a panic when he listens to her message. Dawn’s gone to stay with her mum and she doesn’t know when she’ll be back…

When Lydia asks Bradley for a good luck kiss he’s unnerved when he notices Stacey looking at them from across the Square. Bradley later sees Stacey in the Vic and broaches a conversation with her. Initially defiant, Stacey soon thaws and they have fun as they share a few drinks and later go out for chips. Bradley tells Stacey that he’s had a lovely evening – and he’s over the moon when she agrees and gives him a peck on the cheek.

Phil explains to Ben that he’s dating Stella again and a sulky Ben says he knows – he saw them kissing! Phil is determined not to have any more nonsense from Ben and tells him that Stella is here to stay. Stella is reassured when Phil tells her that he’s spoken to Ben. Later, Stella comes over for dinner but when she overhears Ben telling Phil that he doesn’t want Stella anywhere near him, she rushes out of the Vic, upset, and Phil despairs.

Also, Carly decides to keep Kevin’s business afloat; Yolande encourages Bert to be there for Jay; Tanya wants Max to go to a marriage guidance counsellor with her.

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