Rob asks Jack to move back home

Rob calls Jack to ask him to move home for a while as he’s been seconded to an out of town job. When Jack gets home, Karen phones and Jack lies that everything is fine, but when he passes the phone to Imogen, he sees how upset she is as she asks Karen when she’s coming home.

Elsewhere, when a patient sneezes into Mrs Tembe’s tea, she draws a quarantine line on the floor and dons a face mask, which Julia and Heston are not amused at.

At lunch, Elaine reads that The Queen is coming to visit St Phil’s and, overcome with adoration, Mrs Tembe takes her mask off. She requests the day off, and later, Heston says he might be able to get her into the official receiving line – Mrs Tembe is ecstatic.

Daniel tries to apologise to Simon and is ignored. Cherry has to urge Simon to stand his ground and not fall for Daniel’s charm.

Later, Cherry finds herself mediating when one member of a ‘big girls’ band has a secret that threatens to jeopardise the band’s future.

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