Rob attacks a desperate Ryan!

*Hour-long Episode*

Michelle tells Steve that she’s worried Ryan might do a flit when Tracy turns up. She’s got a job interview so Steve will have to look after Amy. Alone, Ryan grabs Michelle’s factory keys. Ryan’s searching for petty cash in the factory when Rob arrives and goes on the attack. Michelle arrives to find him semi-conscious. Later, Ryan claims he was only looking for Michelle. Rob angrily claims that Ryan’s lying, but Ryan tells the doctor to call the police, he wants to report an assault. If Rob’s found guilty he’ll go straight back behind bars. Later after he’s discharged Ryan finally admits the truth, promising to tell the police the truth to save Rob. Steve decides to move in with Michelle to help her cope.

Elsewhere, Owen gives Tina a job looking after the books. Tommy also has good news, he’s got a night job at a warehouse in Salford.

Paul displays a hideous vase that once belonged to Lesley. Later Eileen invites Sean for dinner, but Sean invents a hot date. Eileen then invites Marcus and Aiden instead. Later Sean arrives home and keeps up the pretence that he’s been on a date until Aiden calls his bluff. Sean heads towards Lesley’s vase before Eileen can stop him…

Also, Karl’s smoke alarms are found to be faulty. She confesses to Dev that she’s cleared out their bank account.