As Karen lies unconscious, with Rob sleeping by her side, Heston gives staff the latest news on Karen – including her craniotomy. They devise a rotating system of attendance to visit Karen and support Rob, and Jimmi arrives to find Rob a shell of a man. Jimmi urges him to try to still behave as if it’s Karen; her coma’s only medically induced and there’s evidence that she can still hear them – it could help bring her round.

Obviously considering the possibility he might lose Karen, Rob tells Jimmi about the start of their relationship – the first time they kissed at a party. Once Jimmi has left, nurse Becca returns Karen’s items to Rob, who emotionally pulls out the engagement, wedding and eternity rings he gave her and slips thems back onto Karen’s finger one at a time, begging her to wake up.

As Chris arrives, Rob is shocked to see Karen stirring – but even in her groggy state she’s aggressive and pushes Rob away, frantic and out of control and Becca asks Rob to leave. But, outside, Rob’s not upset – he’s elated. Karen’s alive and fighting – that’s his girl!

Later, Jimmi’s been given an awakening while listening to Rob, about how short and precious life is. Back at The Mill he decides to grab life by the horns and ask Jas out. After feeling confused about going on a ‘real date’ with a colleague, Jas awkwardly accepts.

Also, Kevin is drawn to a young wife he’s convinced is being abused. But she refuses to let him help her and instead seems to have her own motives in the relationship.