Rob blackmails Johnny

Rob makes it clear to Johnny he knows all about his past and wants £10k or he’ll spill the beans to Carla, Aidan and Kate. As the engagement party gets underway, Carla grabs a word with Johnny, who tells her Rob simply wanted to know what was going on with the factory. Meanwhile, Roy agrees to give Carla away at the wedding.

Amy clocks Nessa’s ridiculous hairdo and bursts out laughing. Upset by Amy’s comments and only too aware that Audrey sabotaged her hair on purpose, Nessa refuses to attend the party. Ken’s disappointed until Nessa offers to stay the night again.

Under pressure Sarah admits to Kylie that she’s carrying Callum’s baby, but implores her to keep it a secret.

As Brendan and Mary mull over the wonderful day they’ve had at the convention he moves in for a kiss. Later, Rita quietly warns Mary that Brendan will never leave his wife, but she won’t listen. At the party, Eva flirts with Aidan but he plays hard to get.