Rob and Luke are reeling following the shooting of David at the police station. Heston holds Lily together but Karen is furious that Rob didn’t tell her about the shooting. Rob blames himself for Luke being so trigger happy; if he hadn’t let Luke win the ARU trial then Rob would have been the one holding the gun and none of this would have happened.

Karen is shocked that Rob deliberately failed the trial because she didn’t want him to have the job and apologises.

Meanwhile, Lily is battling with her own guilt and tells Luke that she could have made it clearer to him that she thought she had matters under control. Luke is steadfast; he saved Lily’s life, but he didn’t mean to kill the boy. As Rob arrives home to carry on his normal life with Karen, a suspended Luke sits alone in his flat.

Also, Ruth helps a young mixed raced girl having a bad hair day to learn more about her heritage.

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