Rob brings Barney to see Jimmi

Rob enlists Jimmi to help Barney with his addiction...

Rob asks Jimmi to talk to Barney about solvent abuse. When Jimmi warns him of the risks, Barney admits that sometimes he vomits. He talks about his mother, and the day she left, how his Dad couldn’t cope and why he feels the need to abuse solvents – he feels nothing inside, and this makes him happy.

Jimmi does a depression scale test, and wants to refer him for some CBT. He tells Rob that it’s a long road, but there’s a chance he can beat it. When Tyler picks Rob up from The Mill, he clocks Ayesha. What’s he thinking?

Meanwhile, Ayesha’s cousin Kayleigh visits, worried that alcoholism runs in their family, and that she might have it. Can Ayesha reassure her otherwise?

And a man’s sudden, complete loss of short-term memory puts his casual lover in an impossible situation.