Karen is still angry that Rob is going to the firearms trial and won’t listen to his explanations. At the trial, Rob finds himself up against cocky young officer Luke but he’s soon showing Luke what he can do with a weapon. When Rob deliberately misses the target and Luke wins the place, Karen is delighted – but it’s obvious Rob has sacrificed his own desires for the family.

Michelle returns to work at The Mill after taking time off to address her alcohol problems and tries to hold it together. Ruth is far from welcoming but Julia is compassionate and Cherry provides unwavering support. But at the end of the day, temptation becomes too much for Michelle and, when she’s alone, finds solace in a vodka bottle.

Elsewhere, the world’s oldest escapologist, The Great Howdini, puts on his final show – but Heston is forced to intervene when the illusion goes horribly wrong…

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