Tina watches as Tony unloads his dodgy gear into Rob and Tracy’s shop, but when she goes to take a photo on her phone, Tony angrily orders her to stop. Later, Rob’s suspicions about Peter grow when he finds Tina and Peter deep in conversation in the Rovers back yard and demands to know what’s going on. However, a resourceful Peter manages to talk his way out of trouble yet again.

Maria’s gutted when Fiz and Tyrone tell her about their plans for a holiday and sends Tyrone another text from Kirsty. A terrified Tyrone decides to take matters into his own hands and smashes his phone, unaware that Maria is the real culprit.

Nursing a fat lip, Todd explains to Jason he really likes Marcus. Later, at their first proper dinner date Todd persuades Marcus to give their relationship a chance.

Also, Gail and Katy eavesdrop when Dev and Sharif discuss the need for a receptionist in the gym.