Rob has to deal with a warring couple when an accusation of adultery is made. But he’s pretty confused when it becomes apparent that the supposed cheating didn’t happen in real life – but on the internet. The accuser has to realise that unless she moves away from online gaming, she will lose her chance of happiness.

Anthony hopes to get Jimmi on board in his bid to take over King’s Green Surgery, but Jimmi sits on the fence about whether to support the takeover until the very last moment. Having finally decided to stay at The Mill, he surprises a relieved Anthony by offering up no objection to the bid. Later, Emma is upset when she finds Anthony painting over Howard’s picture on the mural.

Ayesha accompanies Sid when he goes house hunting, but she has organised a surprise for him. Visiting houses that are completely out of his price range, Sid starts to get disheartened… before concluding that he really wants to do this properly.