Rob deals with a young offender

Danny dresses in his police uniform and comes across Ziggy preparing to light a fire in a bin. He takes him home but Ziggy’s mum Stella thinks Danny is suspicious and dials 999. Rob checks his badge number and finds it belonged to a dead officer. Rob arrests him and discovers that the uniform belonged to his dad. Rob sympathises and, although he’ll release him for now, he’s going to have to take it higher.

Niamh goes to the hospital to meet Harry, Ben’s son, and tells Emma that she found it hard to hold it together. How can a child so young be facing death? Later, Ben phones her and begs her to help. There must be some treatment that they don’t know about? Niamh is in tears – is there anything she can do to help Harry?

Also, Barry waits nervously at the hospital to find out if Valerie’s chemotherapy has worked. When she comes out, he supports her as they leave.