Rob is miserable after Dawn’s rejection, but he’s hopeful when Dawn calls him. May realises who Rob’s speaking to and a flustered Rob lies that Dawn is giving him grief. May tells Dawn that her feelings for Rob will soon subside and she’s just feeling hormonal. May is stunned when Dawn reveals that she finished with Rob and May confronts her husband. She’s horrified when Rob blurts out that he’s leaving her for Dawn. Rob finds Dawn and tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Stella steps up her intimidation of Ben and deliberately wets his bed with water. She accuses him of wetting himself in his sleep but she assures him she’ll keep it from Phil. Ben is terrified when he sees bully Jez and his mates and Stella offers to take him with her to the hairdressers instead of going to playgroup. Stella tells Ben that he owes her big time for all the ‘favours’ she’s done him in recent weeks. Ben tells Phil that he wants Phil to marry Stella so she can be his mum…

Ian is chuffed at the thought of moving into the Fowler home but Jane is unenthusiastic and even less keen when Dot suggests it will be like a shrine to Pauline! Ian is horrified when he realises that Jane has called a junk dealer to collect Pauline’s furniture. Jane refuses to move in until she puts their own furniture and new bed in the house.

Also, Jim is worried that Dot is overstretching herself at the launderette.

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