A desperate Tina tells Peter that they need to leave Weatherfield, and fast. Meanwhile, in the Rovers, Rob notices Tina’s pen is from the hotel where he saw Peter; the penny drops about their affair. But as Rob goes to confront Peter, a well practised Peter tries once again to worm his way out of the situation with a lie.

Kirk fears the worst for Maria and begs Fiz and Tyrone to drop the charges against her. Later, he grows more worried when he goes over to her flat to check on her and there’s no answer. He calls on Audrey, Kylie, and Jason to help break in, but his concern my have got the better of him this time.

Sharif tells Kal to follow his heart regarding Leanne. Unable to deny his feelings any longer he calls round to Leanne’s.

Also, Carla experiences severe stomach pains; and Tracy tells a reluctant Tony she wants in on the dodgy deal.