After making a breakthrough in the hunt for Jas’s stalker, Al rushes to the police station and tells a sceptical Rob that he needs to investigate Gus Harper, a man who’s taken the identity of a patient at the surgery – Steve Grahams. Rob is dismissive and sends a disappointed Al home, but then he looks more closely…

After finding out where Gus works – the letting agency from which Jas rented her house – Rob talks to Gus’s colleague, who reveals he’s not shown up for work for the last few days. Rob also discovers that Steve Grahams used to work there as an odd job man and Rob is able to borrow the keys to Gus’s rental house from the agency.

Rob does a careful search of the house, where he finds delivery notes for surveillance equipment, a hunting knife, an air rifle and… a photo of Jas! At The Mill, Jas checks her records and confirms she saw ‘Steve’/Gus recently but otherwise can barely remember him. Then Howard reveals that ‘Steve Grahams’ has booked to see Jas tomorrow. Jas is anxious but Driver and Rob insist they will catch her stalker!

Meanwhile, Chris is gutted to hear that a cut to the Youth Club’s budget means it’ll probably have to close. He shares this with Emma, who annoys him with her fatalistic attitude. He then spends all day moaning about it until Mrs Tembe suggests he stops moaning and gets out there and saves it!

Also, Daniel tries to help a shy photographer stand up to her domineering boss.