Rob has a confession to make…

DCI Driver adopts Scarlet, and Karen’s surprised when she asks Rob to be the godfather. Rob admits that he and Driver got very close during Treehouse, but that nothing happened. Karen loves Rob for his honesty and tells him she’s fine with him taking on the role – she’ll be happy to help.

Sadie’s furious when she realises that her sister Merle has been using her image to promote her blog which features tips on Merle’s ‘miracle diet’. When Sadie sees that the blog has been taken down, she suggests Merle rebrand her blog, being honest about who she is. The blog is a success and Sadie is touched – there is hope for renewing their relationship.

Ayesha tells Howard about Hayden’s drug issues and confesses that he spiked her – she may have treated patients on drugs. Howard has no choice but to suspend her, pending a drug test. Emma tells her that she will ask Howard to drop the drugs test but he refuses, stating that he needs to manage this by the book.