Rob and Karen’s bedroom makeover is going well until Rob falls from a chair, injuring his back. Karen rushes Rob straight to The Mill, and as she starts bossing everyone about, Rob realises that Karen has found herself a challenge and is loved by her colleagues.

Karen insists that Rob is checked over by Jimmi, who Rob dislikes for being sympathetic to prisoners, and Rob feels put out when Jimmi orders a least 24 hours bed rest. When Rob and Karen return to their new bedroom, it’s lost all its sparkle and Karen is both hurt and embarrassed that Rob didn’t make more of an effort with her new friends.

Zara hands the lost property clothes back to Ruth, who enjoys the bond between them. Later, Zara receives a visit from Mrs Bissett, a woman in her mid-50s struggling with the menopause. Zara urges Mrs Bissett to look on the bright side but Mrs Bissett snaps that a young woman like Zara couldn’t understand how the menopause puts a full stop on a woman’s life.

Mrs Bissett’s negativity pushes Zara over the edge, prompting Ruth to intervene. As Zara stalks out, Ruth talks Mrs Bissett, who realises she touched a raw nerve in Zara. Later, Ruth tries to encourage Zara to open up, but Zara’s having none of it.

Also, when Simon treats a medium for rheumatoid arthritis, he’s the one who reveals something about her past.

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