A gunshot rings out into the night and Stacey appears from the shadows on the Adlington Estate as a boy racer screeches round the corner. Stacey clocks the identity of the occupants and the car roars away…

It’s morning and Rob is on the estate as Eddie, a small-time dealer is taken away by paramedics having been shot in the chest. DI Driver wants an arrest before things escalate and wants Rob to lead the case.

Elsewhere, mum Jeanette questions where her son Luke has been when she’s asked to wash his blood-soaked clothes, he says he was staying with Stacey.

Meanwhile, Karen arrives at Jeanette’s house to treat her condition while Rob interviews Stacey after she’s caught soliciting. He then goes to Stacey’s house where he runs into Luke and eventually manages to arrest him.

Rob talks to Stacey and tries to get her to give a statement, despite the fact that she could be putting herself in danger. He then tries talking to Jeanette, not convinced by Luke’s alibi, and tells her that Eddie died in hospital – this is now a murder investigation.

Jeanette confesses that she gave Luke’s bloody clothes to Karen who unknowingly deposited them in the recycling. The clothes are found and Stacey admits seeing Luke drive away from the scene of the shooting.

Rob charges Luke with murder and goes to catch up with Karen as she leaves. She lets Rob hold her hand and he tells her that he wants things to go back to the way things were. But is she willing to try again?

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