Rob is after Whitney again!

Whitney arranges to meet Lee in the park and is shocked to see Rob. Whitney falls for his lies when he claims he’s come to apologise before he returns to Manchester to look after his dying mum. When Rob goes to get Whitney a drink she texts Lee and Rob’s phone beeps in his jacket pocket. Whitney thinks quick and tells Rob she’ll go to Manchester with him, but she needs to pop home first.

Heather and Shirley prepare to drive to the 80s convention in Southend. Dot wants to see her estranged sister Rose, who lives in Southend, and she and Fatboy arrange to go with Shirley and Heather. Meanwhile, Whitney is in Pat’s deserted house as Rob waits outside, but she manages to do a runner. She flags down Shirley and jumps in the car.

The gang arrive in Southend. Dot heads off to find her sister. Shirley grudgingly agrees to pretend to be Heather’s girlfriend when she finds out the convention is for lesbian and gay couples only!

Meanwhile, Whitney has called Rob to tell him to leave her alone. She tells Fatboy about Rob and they head to the funfair. Little do they know that Rob is in Southend…